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My Shaklee Story

Love the Creator, Care for Creation

The words above embody the driving principle by which I seek to live my life,
and embody the reason I am so passionate about Shaklee.

For 33 years, until my retirement in 2002,
I served as the pastor of local churches in Kansas, Texas, and Iowa.
And for nearly 20 years, my wife Connie
has worked as a Nursing Home CNA,
caring for persons with Alzheimer's.

Vocationally, and personally,
we have always had a deep concern
about the health of people - in body, mind, and spirit,
and about the health of the earth we all share
and for which we feel called to be faithful stewards.

How wonderful it was, then,
to discover Shaklee -
a company with a conscience,
combining the best of science and the best of nature
for the health of people and the health of the planet.

From childhood, plagued with tuberculosis and other ills
which left him so weak it was thought he would not survive,
Forrest Shaklee learned to accept nature as his physic an,
listening to and following its lessons
and learning to live in harmony with creation.

It was a philosophy by which he would live his entire life,
and which he gladly shared with others.
And it's the philosophy by which the company that bears his name
continues to live today.

Among the contributions of Dr. Shaklee
and the company he founded in 1956
were some of the very first multivitamins;
one of the first biodegradable cleaning products, Basic H,
named an official Earth Day cleaner,
and used by Jacques Cousteau in his expeditions;
becoming the world's first certified Climate Neutral company
because of its net zero impact on the earth

All of this and so much more make Shaklee a company
in which I believe passionately
and which I am proud to represent as a Distributor.

Personally, I rely upon Shaklee nutritional products,
demonstrated by many independent studies
to be the purest and most effective available.
Vitalizer Gold has provided a nutritional foundation for me
ever since its inception,
and I believe that Omega Guard has been the primary reason
my high cholesterol is now in a normal range.

I have used Shaklee's cleaning products for years,
and not only appreciate their safe and natural composition,
but am especially grateful that the fact that they are concentrates
means less cost and less waste in the landfills.

To top it all off,
I was attracted to Shaklee and am committed to Shaklee
because they do no animal testing,
demonstrating a sense of compassion for all God's creatures.

Shaklee IS a company with a conscience,
and I look forward to every opportunity
to love the Creator and care for creation
by sharing these wonderful products
with as many people as possible.
Let me know how I may be of help to you,
and allow me the privilege of being of service!

"In the beginning, God created...
God saw all that He had made, and it was very good." - Genesis 1:1,31

"All I ever did was LISTEN to nature and pass the word along."
- Dr. Forrest Shaklee